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Whidbey Outdoor Yoga


Whidbey Outdoor Yoga founder, Hedyeh Jalali, began teaching yoga in 2006.  She is passionate about how yoga cultivates harmony, ease, and vibrancy within the body.  She invites students to tap into the radiance and vastness within the subtle, inner body as it relates to our mental health and physical feelings.  Breathwork and increasing body awareness will help build strength, endurance, confidence and calm.  Her style blends classical hatha, vinyasa, ashtanga, iyengar, and anusara.  She has been immersed in the study of yoga philosophy along with several other Eastern philosophy schools since her childhood.  In the last few hears she has been studying  somatic therapy, structural integration, therapeutic body mechanics, reiki and somassage.  She is known for her caring approach, intelligent sequencing, and clear instruction.

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"I love Hedyeh's yoga classes. Her practice is not only a physical but a mental exercise. I have increased my mobility, breath control and mindset through her classes.  She is wonderful and always has something new and fun for us."

Nora A.

"Hedyeh is a goddess!  She is so versatile and is able to provide variations to every pose for those who are restricted.  When I broke my foot, I was still able to attend classes, do poses, and get a good sweat.  She is amazing!"

Carrie C.

"Hedyeh's passion for yoga shines through in her classes.  She makes sure to blend each session into the perfect combination of effort and calm.  I love taking her classes and highly recommend her as an instructor."

Laura D.

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Outdoor Yoga
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Indoor Classes

Island Athletic Club, Freeland

Saturday mornings, 8:30 am hatha vinyasa yoga

Monday evening, 5:30 pm hatha vinyasa yoga

Classes are free to members and $16 + tax for non-members. 

Private Outdoor Classes

Want to take a yoga class outside?  Whidbey Outdoor Yoga classes are currently taking place within community gardens, private beaches, backyard lawns, parks and local farms on South Whidbey Island.  To schedule your own Whidbey Outdoor Yoga class at your desired location email :

Depending on the size of the group, class price varies within the range of  $10-$20 

Public Outdoor Classes

Tuesday evenings, 5:30 pm hatha vinyasa yoga in Freeland

email :

Drop in class price is $15 for non-students , $10 for students. 

Email me with your questions and the address will be provided to you directly.  

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